Supervision & Certification

A unique supervision program

« Now I know I can coach any client I meet » Ingrid

Master your coaching skills and successfully coach your first clients

Be supported by a professional to coach your first clients
Grow quickly in skills and confidence
Get certified in your capacity as a professional coach

Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching

Your profile

  • A coach can face a variety of obstacles when starting his/her practice

  • You know support will be helpful in your first coachings 

  • You want to quickly improve your coach skills

An intensive program

Choose a supervision program with a coach dedicated to your success, to grow in your abilities in a fast and efficient way

This supervision and certification program, unique in Europe, allows you to be supervised for your first coachings, with clients who have real life goals

You will start a 2-months coaching practice immediatly after your 2-months coach training

8 sessions of 1h30 to evolve in the mastery of your coach skills

This program gives you access to 12h of individual supervision with me.

You will overcome the first obstacles with your coachees and feel that you are really becoming a professional coach.

This program will reveal your innate coach talents.

Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching

Your Certification

After 70 hours of training, 16h hours of coaching practice, and 12 hours of supervision, the Delta Coaching institute recognizes the capacity of [your NAME] to practice coaching in a professional setting.

Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching
Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching

Master Your Skills


How to create a qualitative relationship with your clients


Your capacity to do meaningful coaching within the programmed timing of the sessions


The skills you need to improve to make your coachings even better


Immediately the area where you have difficulties and how to transform them 


Your first obstacles with your first coachees


A strong confidence in your capacities


To start and finish a coaching in a professional way


Your first coachings satisfying experiences for your first clients

Being guided by Arnaud in this Coaching Certification allowed me to get better in my coach practice, to imrove my posture and to be challenged in the preparation of the sessions. Arnaud’s listening, understanding and pedagogical skills really helped me grow. I gained self-confidence and became more self-assured when with my coachees. Arnaud’s skills were also beneficial in my personal posture in life. I highly recommand this program !    

Pauline, Women Entrepreneur Coach

I had the chance to work with Arnaud both in my coach training and for my certification as a coach. The supervision program allowed me to really feel safe and guided in my first steps as a coach with my clients. I received many useful feedbacks on my talents and capacities, what makes me unique as a coach, which helped me find the specific type a coaching I wanted to start. To summarize : you are guided to become the best coach you can be, but also empowered in the development of your future coach professional activity.

Olivia, Law Firm Administrator and Coach for Managers Well-being

Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching

Access the supervision program

At the end of your coach training

we’ll have an open discussion about your intention to start your work as a professional coach

I'll give you first advices

  on the aspects to which you’ll need to be attentive to grow your skills

You'll start this program

and will be personally, individually guided by me in your first steps with real clients as a coach


Your 12 hours of supervision are paid in one time 575€ TTC.

This reasonable price allows you to easily have access to supervision in your first steps as a coach when starting your activity

Supervision de coach Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching

Advanced Certification

You can access the Advanced Certification Program after having gone through the whole NLP Mastery Workshops.

Questions & Answers

Is the Delta Coaching Certification a state certification ?

No, this program is an independant certification designed through a model developed by some of my US NLP trainers ; I am validating independently your level of skills and your capacity to coach clients in a professional setting.

What makes this certification valid ?

This certification is operationally valid through the hours of your training as a coach (70 hours), your supervision time with me, and the work that you are asked to realize.

Could this certification be considered as insufficient for some employers ?

If you choose to be coach through companies contracts, this certification might be considered as insufficient by human ressources departments of the company. For professional life coaching, this certification is sufficient.

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