How can I help you ?

My mission : I train you fully as a professional life coach

  • I help people become professional coaches with a tailor-made training 
  • This is a full training in 8 modules plus certification program
  • This training is practical and includes the most efficient coaching tools
  • You will develop a solid coach foundation during the training

My engagement : you will feel capable and legitimate as a professional coach

  • I will assist and guide you in your coachings with your first clients
  • I make sure you know how to use the coaching tools
  • At the end of the training, you will feel a competent coach, able to help people reach their life goals
Arnaud Charpentier Delta Coaching Paris 3

What you can expect

You will know how to assist your clients in the role of a professional life coach
You will be able to use tools to :

  • organize your sessions
  • help your clients succeed in what’s important for their personal and pro life 
  • help them transforms their blocks in life
  • help them understand what’s most important for them in life
  • facilitate the growth of new skills like stress management
  • changing their limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs
  • help them keep an open and positive outlook on life
  • take action everyday

You will understand the coach posture and train yourself in maintaining it. And you will be coached about your professional goals as a coach during the training

Why I’m fully qualified to guide you


Certified Professional Coach

Certified NLP Master Practicioner

Certified Generative Coach

Certified Deep Coaching Practicioner

10 years of transmission experience

80 trained coaches

More than 300 guided coachees

My Values

Emotional Openness

Human Transformation


Shared Knowledge

My Story


I have been an independant trainer since the beginning of my pro life, when I started helping students succeed on specific tests to enter prestigious college in France. These tests are called knowledge synthesis, I created a highly efficient method to pass them.

In 2014, I decided to create a new company and website and hired a coach to help me stay focused. That’s how I discovered coaching and I was amazed how this woman could bring me clarity, focus, and dedication by asking the right questions.

Through her, I discovered the work of Robert Dilts, the great NLP trainer and researcher, I met him at a seminar he organized and he made me discover my life mission : helping people find and realize who they truly are.


I then started on a path to become the best professional coach I could be through numerous trainings in coaching and NLP ; I met amazing teachers at that time, in France and in California.

I loved and practiced coaching but my true path was to become a teacher and in 2019-2020, I created a coach training with the intent of it being very personalized and student-centered, and this training has been really successful since then.

I followed my call to live in Asia and I’m now working full online, providing trainings to people all over this beautiful planet.