Digital Learning Designer & Artist Coach

I have so much gratitude to have crossed Arnaud’s path. 

This training is a “kickstarter” that allowed me to quickly become able to coach clients in a professional way.

Having gone through the full coach training and certification, I feel deeply satisfied, as his first students. 




Wellness & Life Coach

With this training, Arnaud opened the door to my life mission.

From a dream that has been present in me for 10 years, he made a reality and guided me through all steps of this transformation.

Now I wake up everyday with a feeling of fullness and inner serenity, and the joy to help women find and deepen in their well-being.


Women Entrepreneurs Coach

Thanks for everything you brought me, in just a few months, to become an impactful and inspiring professional coach !

Your creative training also gave me the ability to develop new techniques for my clients.

You teach in a step-by-step way that made me grow my skills quickly and find self-confidence in my abilities as a coach.


Professional Coach for Children

You made me explore who I am and who I wanted to be in the deepest sense.

With you, I gained self-trust in my work as a coach. I share your teachings with the people around me and my family.

Now it’s time for your next students to become who they want to be ! 



Psychologist and Coach, Master Practicioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Your innovative trainings in NLP gave me room to explore the parts of me I needed to be my best creative self and transform my insights into the professional trainings I give now.

You are intuitive, inspiring, and you help make the best of humanity emerge, through a form of generative spirituality which we need in our world.



Life Coach

This coach training allowed me to become a professional coach in a way that was really adapted to my style : short, intense, precise, personalized, practical, guided, and financially affordable.

Without it I don’t think that I could have made the final jump into my work now as a coach. I gained the professional legitimacy I needed, and confidence in my skills.



Relational & Communication Coach

Arnaud is an amazing teacher, he synthesises knowledge and techniques to make them clearer to understand and use.

The written material for the training is practical and precise.

He also has a real knack to ignite the motivation in people.

Thank you again for everything Arnaud ! 🙂


Ending of a relationship,  new professional project that I hesitated to realize… I met Arnaud at a difficult time in my life. I felt I had lost all my usual reference points.

From the very beginning of the sessions, he was able to make me calm down, and, with powerful visualizations, he made me realize my own inner strength. The sessions gave me trust in life and I was able to find a new fulfilling realtionship and make my project real. Thank you !


Arnaud helped me find highly effective and easy-to-apply solutions to transform limiting beliefs which had blocked my evolution for years. Intense sessions for true transformative insights !

Thank you coach ! 


Wellness Coach

I recommend Arnaud for the quality of his listening and his precise insights about what I needed. He was able to help me find the origin of my inner limits, face them with courage and tenderness, heal my beliefs and start creating my future in a concrete way. 


Public speaker, Chaman

The work I did with Arnaud changed my life. Before meeting him, I was struggling to change handicaping behaviors and beliefs. I had tried many ways to get better, but still felt blocked, until the sessions with Arnaud, which helped me change and heal in a very deep way.

Highly recommended !


American artist and author

Arnaud coached me with caring and sensitivity. His way of listening with care was what I needed and I was able to take giant steps toward my goals.

I completed my professional coaching memoir for a coach training, and am now well on my way to become a professional coach.

Thank you !



Hi Arnaud, I have been wanting to send you this message, to share that you contributed to a great change in my life !

I am now in a new fulfilling job since 2 months, but also found love : a relationship that I didn’t even think was possible. Thanks to you !


Manager in the tourism industry

I would say Arnaud is a transformation artist. Sessions with him are real artworks. I can never thank him enough for everything he brought me to help me realize myself at all levels, including transforming my relationships with the people I love, for the better. I recommend his work without hesitation.



Hello Arnaud, the sessions with you helped me feel better and start new professional missions. Thank you


Manager in the professional training industry

Hi Arnaud, I just finished a new coaching session and I feel so happy ! Wanted to share it with you as your help really made all this happen. I feel great energy inside of me and I feel so satisfied to do that, be a coach and help people ! Thank you !



Hi Arnaud, just to tell you that my doctorate thesis got 100 % financed by my university and the research center I will work with ! So, thanks to your help, I’ll be able to continue my learning adventure on the ocean and the climate ! I’m really grateful !


In my desire to start anew professionally, I asked Arnaud to coach me to walk this new path. With well-mastered techniques, he guided me, and in a few month, I was able to reach new steps, learn tools to work therapeutically with people, and acquire confidence in my ability to succeed.



Thanks for everything you brought me, in just a few months, to become an impactful and inspiring professional coach ! 

Pauline - Women Entrepreneurs Coach

Arnaud has an impressive ability to adapt to learners, he made my learning of all these coaching skills easy and fast. 

Olivia - Law Firm Administrator

I have so much gratitude to have crossed Arnaud’s path. I have gone through the full coach training to my deep satisfaction.

Adrien - Digital Learning Designer & Artists Coach

It’s your turn to become the coach you want to become ! With Arnaud at your sides, you’ll learn to trust yourself, to become the best coach for those you want to help.

Ingrid - Professional Coach for Children